House Votes to Block U.S. Action Aimed At Gunrunners to Mexico


In its flurry of action to cut federal spending, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to block the Obama administration from implementing a controversial plan meant to give federal authorities a new tool to catch gunrunners to Mexico, reports the Washington Post. The proposed rule was strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association. The measure passed with bipartisan support, 277 to 149.

The amendment by Rep. Dan Boren (D-Ok.), bars the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from using federal money to require licensed firearm dealers to report multiple sales of assault weapons. Under the proposed rule, 8,500 gun dealers near the U.S.-Mexico border would be required to alert authorities when they sell within five consecutive business days two or more semiautomatic rifles greater than .22 caliber with detachable magazines. Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican ambassador to the U.S., called the vote “unfortunate.”

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