In A “Crime Risk” Ranking, St. Louis and Atlanta Called the Worst


Atlanta's “crime risk” is nearly five times the national average, say an analysis of FBI crime data by Onboard Informatics for U.S. News & World report, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The magazine reports Atlanta’s motor vehicle theft rate as 55 percent greater than the national average while the burglary rate is 38 percent higher than the rest of the country. The Atlanta Police Department said it “urges the public to view such lists with caution, as well as a measure of skepticism.”

St. Louis has the nation’s highest risk of crime, the report said. Ranking behind Atlanta: Birmingham and Orlando (tie); Detroit; Memphis; Miami; Baltimore; Kansas City; Minneapolis and Cleveland (tie). U.S. News and World Report acknowledges the index figures “do not provide a full picture of crime in any given city.” It said, “For example, Birmingham and Orlando share an index rating of 380, but a statistical snapshot shows that the two cities deal with their own unique crime patterns.”

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