Acquittal Doesn’t Mean Getting Your Life Back Right Away


Less than two weeks after a jury acquitted him on rape charges, Tristan Quintero is living with his mother and trying to determine whether any employer will hire him, says the Columbus Dispatch. “I’m just trying to piece my life back together,” he said. “I’ve lost absolutely everything. Quintero, 26, spent 19 months in jail after a woman accused him of raping her in 2009. A jury found him not guilty Feb. 2 after he testified that the sex was consensual.

Unlike those who are wrongfully convicted and spend years in prison before their innocence is established, no financial compensation is mandated for those who are acquitted in a trial after lengthy stints in jail. Quintero doesn’t have evidence to sue for wrongful prosecution. “That’s very difficult to establish,” said Joe Landusky, a Columbus criminal-defense lawyer. “You have to show that officers or prosecutors intentionally went forward with a case knowing that you were innocent.”

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