Milwaukee Police Early Warning System Failed To See Troubled Officer’s Pattern


A recently fired Milwaukee police officer under federal investigation after a woman said he raped her on duty has been accused of breaking the law five times before, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Three of the previous allegations involved sexual misconduct – two with female prisoners and one with a 16-year-old girl. In one case, Ex-officer Ladmarald Cates was suspended for two days for domestic violence battery. In another, he was suspended for eight days for mistreating a prisoner and failing to obey a supervisor’s orders.

Police Chief Edward Flynn acknowledged that a computerized early-intervention system designed to identify potentially troubled officers didn’t flag Cates, who was fired in December. Flynn said procedures instituted under his watch should stop officers like Cates from slipping through the cracks in the future. “It is clear to me looking at this employee’s record that from a management point of view an obvious pattern was overlooked,” Flynn said. “The department did not see the forest for the trees here.”

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