Domestic Violence Opponent Objects To Museum’s “Handcuff” Tour


A Valentine’s weekend promotion by the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C., that involves getting handcuffed to your sweetheart is being attacked by an anti-domestic violence group, reports WTOP radio. The museum’s “Crimes of Passion” exhibit is drawing complaints from Chai Shenoy of Holla Back DC.

“We find [it] really reprehensible to us this exhibit is mocking the lives of people who have died due to domestic violence,” Shenoy says. The museum’s Janine Vaccarello says at at the “actual event itself we don’t focus at all on domestic violence.” There now is information about domestic violence on the museum’s website, and handouts on the subject for visitors to take on the way out. Those additions aren’t enough to placate Shenoy. “We want to take this one step further. We don’t want this type of exhibit to come back, especially not around Valentine’s Day,” says Shenoy.’s-handcuffed-tour-comes-under-fire/

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