Arizona Sues U.S. In Effort To Force More Immigration-Law Enforcement


Arizona took the unusual step of suing the federal government over its immigration policies, saysing it has failed to secure the border and protect the state from an “invasion” of illegal immigrants, the Arizona Republic reprots. About half a dozen other states have pursued similar efforts unsuccessfully over the last two decades.

The lawsuit seeks to require the federal government to finish building 700 miles of fence along the border, provide enough federal immigration officers in Arizona to respond to local law-enforcement needs, change the way the federal government reimburses states for incarcerating criminal illegal immigrants, and allow Arizona to enforce federal immigration laws. A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said “a meritless court claim such as this does nothing to secure the border.” The Arizona lawsuit seeks to counter the case the U.S. Justice Department filed challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s controversial immigration law; that case remains pending.

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