Groups Present Nearly 100 “Smart On Crime” Recommendations


A coalition of 40 organizations and individuals today issued “Smart on Crime,” nearly 100 policy recommendations for the Obama administration and Congress across 16 criminal justice areas. The volume touches on a wide range of issues, including “overcriminalization,” forensic science, juvenile justice, the death penalty, indigent defense, and executive clemency. Virginia Sloan of The Constitution Project said the report, which focuses on federal government issues, embodies “an ever-increasing and bipartisan consensus on how to fix the problems that have for too long plagued the system.”

Speaking on federal overcriminalization, Norman Reimer of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers said it “threatens every American's liberty and drains the public coffers with pointless prosecutions and unnecessary incarcerations. Among other groups supporting the project are the Innocence Project, Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, Brennan Center for Justice, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums. The groups did not necessarily endorse each other’s recommendations.


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