How Chicago Mayoral Candidates Would Reshape Police


Picking a new police superintendent, getting more cops on the street and looking at where they’re deployed. will be considerations for Chicago’s new mayor, says the Chicago Tribune. Mayor Richard Daley’s successor will have to figure out a way to deal with the Chicago police perception problem: Statistics show the city is safer than it has been in decades, yet high-profile, persistent gun violence in some neighborhoods has blunted that message.

Police Superintendent Jody Weis has served as a political football during the campaign, with the four top mayoral contenders saying they won’t renew his contract. Candidates Gery Chicago, Miguel del Valle, and Carol Moseley Braun say they would name someone from within the department’s ranks; Rahm Emanuel hasn’t said. Daley brought in former FBI agent Weis from Philadelphia to reform a department reeling from a string of misconduct cases that included a crew of officers committing home invasions and robbing people and two videotaped beatings involving off-duty officers.,0,5998394.story

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