Brown’s CA Realignment Plan Poses Many Criminal-Justice Challenges


Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious initiative to transfer more state responsibilities to local governments will bring challenges and consequences for law enforcement, from the number of cops on the street to who is locked behind bars, says the San Diego Union-Tribune. Cities and counties are scrutinizing the looming impacts — good and bad — of the governor's sweeping realignment plan that could be launched as early as this summer depending on legislative approval.

Three critical elements of Brown's $420 million public safety package — police and sheriff patrols, jails, and probation — are part of his broader effort to realign state and local services. “We are approaching it from the standpoint of making it work. But making it work means public safety is not compromised,” said Mack Jenkins, probation chief in San Diego County. Brown crafted the proposal as part of a broad cuts-and-taxes plan to close a $25.4 billion budget gap over the next 17 months. He insists change is inevitable given the deficit is more than 30 percent of his proposed $84.6 billion general fund. Chula Vista Police Chief David Bejarano said, “We're struggling right now just to keep up with calls for service so any additional loss in funding would be a major challenge for us.”

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