Chicago’s Weis Filing Many Fewer Police Discipline Cases


Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis came into office in 2008 with a mandate to crack down on officer misconduct following a string of scandals, says the Chicago Sun-Times. Yet during his first three years, Weis filed 62 disciplinary cases with the police board compared with 106 cases in the three years before he was appointed — nearly a 42 percent difference.

The board is comprised of nine mayoral appointees who consider disciplinary action against officers. Most cases filed with the board seek to fire the employee in question. Some observers wonder if Weis put the brakes on police board cases to boost morale. Cops have been furious with him over several issues, including the imprisonment of an officer accused of beating a man shackled to a wheelchair. Others think cops have been working the streets less aggressively and making fewer arrests because they do not believe Weis has their backs.

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