Senate Report Faults FBI, Pentagon In Fort Hood Shooting Case


In the first detailed report on the events leading to the 2009 shootings at Fort Hood, Tx., the Senate Homeland Security Committee blamed the Pentagon and the FBI for failing to recognize that Army Maj. Nidal Hasan had links to a key al Qaida operative and had become an Islamic extremist before he allegedly opened fire on fellow soldiers, killing 13 and wounding dozens of others, McClatchy Newspapers report.

The Senate panel warned that neither the FBI nor the Defense Department had taken the steps needed to make certain that the mistakes weren’t repeated. It said the FBI was using outdated methods to examine intercepted e-mails, that the post-9/11 system of investigating terrorist threats still discourages the sharing of information, and that the Defense Department hadn’t identified radicalization as a potential threat. The FBI said a study of FBI actions was expected soon from former FBI director William Webster on whether the “corrective actions” the FBI has undertaken are “sufficient.”

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