Obama To Issue Advisory Standardizing College Response To Sex Assault Reports


Momentum is building for more action to prevent campus sex assault. Women’s eNews reports that President Obama plans to issue an advisory guided by Title IX, the federal law that requires schools to adopt “prompt and equitable” policies to fairly and effectively redress sexual harassment and sexual assault complaints.

The plan comes amid growing concern that reports of sexual assault on campus are either being ignored or subjected to disciplinary hearings that are not compliant with federal law, to the disadvantage of victims and in violation of their rights under Title IX. Title IX has been on the books since 1972, but the federal government has done little to demand uniformity across campuses nationwide, says Women’s eNews’s Wendy Murphy. An advisory will compel all schools to adopt appropriate and effective standards with due regard for Title IX so all students are afforded a baseline of legal protection no matter what college or university they attend.


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