Released Houston Video Shows Police Officers Beating Teen Burglary Suspect


Houston police officers appear to beat, kick, and stomp on a teen burglary suspect last year in a surveillance video that was released publicly and aired on KTRK-TV, reports the Houston Chronicle. The footage shows Chad Holley, then 15, running away from police before he is clipped by a police cruiser as it hits a chain-link fence. The boy then falls to the ground, rolls on the grass, flips onto his stomach and clamps his hands behind his head. Within seconds, a half- dozen officers appear to attack him forcefully with their fists and feet.

The airing cames months after local news organizations asked a federal judge to release the tape and the same day the teen’s civil lawyer, Benjamin Hall, attempted to stop the footage from being “leaked” to the public. In August, the Chronicle and four local television stations asked Judge Ewing Werlein intervene in the federal case pending against two officers.he news outlets argued that preventing journalists from airing the tape is a violation of the First Amendment, but Werlein ruled that the footage should not be released because the pretrial publication would likely prevent officers from receiving a fair trial.

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