Portland Defends 12-Day Delay In Telling Public Of A High School Sex Assault


Nearly two weeks ago, a student at a Portland, Or., high school was forced into a car by a stranger and sexually assaulted during the lunch hour. It was not until yesterday that police and the school told anyone about the Jan. 21 attack, reports The Oregonian. Police defended the delay in alerting the public.

Police are also trying to balance alerting the public with preserving an investigation. Police also don’t want to needlessly scare the public with information that is incomplete or about a report that hasn’t been substantiated, said a police spokesman. There is no reason to believe the assault did not occur, he said. “The real balance for an investigator on whether or not to go public with information is does going public hurt my chances of making an arrest in this case,” he said. “An investigator’s ultimate goal is to make an arrest and get a successful prosecution.”


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