Bloomberg Antigun Sting Provokes Backlash in Arizona


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne were unhappy about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sending undercover officers to a gun show in Arizona, says the Arizona Republic. In a Facebook posting, Brewer said New York “taxpayers would appreciate Mayor Bloomberg more if he spent their money and used his time and energy focusing on his city and their immediate issues.”

Brewer later told Fox News it is “interesting” that Bloomberg is “out here in Arizona solving our problems.” Bloomberg sent investigators to a gun show in Phoenix two weeks after the Tucson shooting that killed six, and gravely wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and thirteen others. The investigators hired by Bloomberg were able to buy semiautomatic pistols despite saying they probably couldn’t pass a background check. Horne called the move a publicity stunt, and said he was angry that Bloomberg’s office failed to give Arizona police advance notice of their plan as is “standard professional courtesy.”

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