LAPD Gang Units Roiled by Financial Disclosure Rule


The LAPD has temporarily dismantled anti-gang units in several high-crime neighborhoods because officers in those squads refused to comply with a controversial financial disclosure rule that they view as invasive, reports the Los Angeles Times. Police officials have sent the defiant officers back to regular patrol duties and expect that it will take several months to rebuild the gang units with others willing to abide by the policy, which requires officers to periodically submit information regarding their assets and debts.

The disclosure policy is intended to help identify and deter corruption among the estimated 600 gang and narcotic officers who frequently handle cash, drugs and other contraband. Adopted nearly two years ago, the plan gave officers who were already assigned to the units until the end of March to abide by the new rules or be moved back to regular patrol assignments. Few narcotics officers objected, but discontent among gang officers has persisted. About three-quarters of the officers agreed to the disclosures, according to LAPD estimates. But nearly all gang officers refused to comply in six divisions, including 80 who work in four areas with violent, active gangs.,0,964511.story

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