Arizona Governor Says Her State’s Gun Laws Are ‘Fair and Just’


Gov. Jan Brewer is defending Arizona laws that allow the sale of firearms at gun shows without a background check and that forbid cities from imposing such requirements, reports Capitol Media Services. “We believe our laws are fair and just in the state of Arizona,” she said. Her comments followed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s release of videos taken by undercover agents at a Phoenix gun show just 15 days after the mass shooting in Tucson. There, Arizona private investigators hired by New York City were able to purchase weapons not only without a background check but, at least twice, after admitting to sellers they probably would not pass.

Last year Brewer signed legislation making Arizona only the third state in the nation to let anyone carry a concealed weapon without a state permit, training and a background check. But Brewer said Monday she remains open to further liberalizing the state’s gun laws. “I am a strong proponent of the Second Amendment,” she said. One of the measures awaiting debate this session would further expand where individuals can carry guns to include public buildings unless there were metal detectors and lockers for owners to secure their weapons.

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