Albuquerque Reverses Short-Lived Policy on Take-Home Police Cars


A new policy that limited the number of Albuquerque police officers who could take their official vehicles home has been reversed a month after it was imposed, reports Officers will get their take-home cars back even if they live more than 11 miles from the city's interstate interchange. About 180 officers had lost their take-home cars on Jan. 1. Public Safety Director Darren White said they reached an agreement with the police union that will allow its officers to once again participate in the take-home car program.

The police union had threatened to sue over the new policy, which barred officers from having a take-home car if they live more than 11 miles away from the interchange. The city said it would have saved more than $600,000 a year on gas and wear and tear on the cars. A number of other U.S. cities looking for savings have reconsidered take-home policies for official vehicles, including Chattanooga, Tenn.

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