As Justice Ramps Up Police Probes, Magazine Sees Liberal Bias


The Justice Department appears to be ramping up its investigations of police departments, having hired nine additional attorneys to beef up the search for alleged police agency racism and to sue agencies that don't capitulate to federal demands, reports the Weekly Standard. The magazine cites Justice’s oversight of the Los Angeles Police Department as a “disturbing harbinger” for other police agencies. It presents the issue as a conservative-vs.-liberal ideological battle by overaggressive Justice investigators.

The magazine says “it is a given to the Justice Department staff that the LAPD, like every other police department, routinely violates people's rights. The possibility that the vast majority of Los Angeles officers are operating within the law is simply not acceptable. Such a preordained conclusion is not surprising, since the career attorneys who investigate police departments for constitutional violations are possibly the most left-wing members of the standing federal bureaucracy. They know, without any felt need for prolonged exposure to police work, that contemporary policing is shot through with bias.”

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