Mayors' Record With Obama On Guns: 0 for 40


After nearly five years of work, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 550-member coalition Mayors Against Illegal Guns has failed to force major strengthening of federal gun control laws, says the New York Times. “You've got an alternative voice to the dominant N.R.A. voice, and that adds to the dialogue,” said Douglas Muzzio of the Baruch College School of Public Affairs. “The question then becomes: Does the dialogue lead to effective action? And that's more of an unknown. I have not seen a direct connection between what they're standing for and any substantive policy change.”

In 2009, the coalition gave the Obama administration 40 ways it could strengthen federal gun rules without congressional action, from increasing enforcement of existing laws to tightening background checks. Only one proposal has been taken up by the White House, a rule, not yet in force, requiring dealers to report to federal officials when they make a sale involving multiple rifles or other long guns. Opponents of gun control have largely succeeded in blocking Congress from restricting the availability of guns, even after high-profile mass killings, from Columbine to Virginia Tech to Tucson.


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