Four Detroit Police Officers Shot At Precinct Station


In a violence-weary city where every run can put police in danger, even this news was stunning: A gunman walked into a Detroit police precinct Sunday afternoon and opened fire with a shotgun, wounding four officers before return gunfire took his life, the Detroit News reports. After earlier coming into the 6th Precinct on the city's northwest side, a 38-year-old man returned about 4:30 p.m. and shot the commander in charge and three officers. All are expected to recover.

“Incidents like this are very sobering and remind us how vulnerable we all are,” said Police Chief Ralph Godbee . “We have a lot of people that are shaken up.” That four were shot at once in Detroit wasn't shocking; that they were all uniformed and armed was. It capped another felonious weekend during which three bodies were found in a home on Friday and five people were shot outside a strip club early Sunday. “We have a serious problem with crime when someone has the audacity to walk into the police center and starts firing on police officers,” City Councilman Andre Spivey said. “We have to wrap our arms around the public safety issue.”


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