Video Is Key Witness Against Miami Chief Exposito


The video is five minutes and 12 seconds of adrenaline and testosterone, with a dollop of cheesecake: Burly Miami cops chomping on cigars boast of being “predators” and “hunters.” A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader-turned-cop expounds on the dangers of domestic-violence calls. Officers haul away African American suspects. The Miami Herald says the video was the star witness against Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito at a City Commission meeting. Commissioner Richard Dunn used it as evidence the chief is inept, incompetent, and insensitive to the black community.

The chief's response: He himself had ordered the video — a trailer being shopped to network television for a possible reality show — put on hold' He didn't like its tone, the chief said. “After I viewed the video, I went back to the company and said, `I don't like the way this video comes across,' ” Exposito told commissioners. Then he dropped an unexpected twist: He had only recently learned that the son of Mayor Tomás Regalado had produced it and was likely to profit from it. Emails obtained by the Herald, and interviews with those familiar with the production of the trailer for Miami's Finest SOS, tell a different story. According to the emails, Exposito was aware at least eight months ago that the mayor's son had removed himself from the project to avoid a potential conflict of interest. As recently as October, the chief saw the video and gave it a thumbs-up.


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