Neighbors, Some Policymakers Urge Closure Of Old TX Prison


Texas, once one of the nation's leading prison builders, is considering the closure of a prison to save money, reports KTRK television in Houston. The prison in Sugar Land, a fixture since 1909, is near an airport and several neighborhoods. To nearby homeowners it is an unwelcome neighbor.

Homeowner Yenni Kuncoro said, “I think it's better that the prison is out of the neighborhood area because it's a safety for the children. Also the surrounding neighborhood is more secure.” With the state trying to tighten its belt in the wake of a massive budget shortfall, selling off this prime real estate that sits on 337 acres is, to some lawmakers, a no brainer. Rep. Charles Howard said, “There is no question at all that this property is prime potential for development which would bring in more jobs and more value and thus help the city and the county and the state.” Howard is all for the proposed closure of the unit in September, with possible redevelopment as a business park. The city of Sugar Land and local business leaders are also on board.


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