How Utah City Got Prescription Drug Problem Under Control


In 2006, prescription drug fraud was spiraling out of control in Logan, Utah, says the Salt Lake Tribune. Pharmacies were reporting forged prescriptions. Patients were shopping for doctors in search of multiple prescriptions. Authorities couldn't effectively prosecute people in their 20s and 30s dealing in painkillers and muscle relaxants such as Soma and Ultram.

The problem prompted a partnership between the Cache/Rich Drug Task Force and prosecutors who began charging unscheduled prescription drug fraud under a different statute. The tactic paid off: A review of state court records indicated that, since 2006, more unscheduled drug fraud cases have been prosecuted in Logan's 1st District Court than anywhere else. “When we started it five or six years ago, it was out of control, but now we have it plateaued,” said Logan police Detective Rob Italasano. “We have taken an aggressive stance on all medications and not just controlled substances, where other jurisdictions may not even know about it.”


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