Tucson Gun Show Proceeds, Sees No Relation To Loughner


The Crossroads of the West Gun Show on Saturday in Tucson was interrupted with a moment of silence for victims of the Safeway shootings of a week earlier and to “reflect on what we might do in the future to help mitigate this type of violence,” reports the Arizona Republic. Gun Show President Bob Templeton said the show went on because the shootings didn' t concern “folks who attend gun shows and folks who use firearms lawfully. This was about a deranged person who had a personal agenda and was determined to commit mayhem and did so.”

Gun show attendee Eric Okalski, 28, believes the arguments over gun control sparked by the tragedy may have increased business for the gun show rather than deterring it. “You know, there are a lot of people that are frenzied now to pick up more things because they think that it is going to get banned because of (the shootings). I think if anything, it's probably increased the amount of people that come here.” Okalski said. Chris Bonhoff, 24, attending a gun show for the first time, believes the show and the shootings are not related “It's a horrible thing that happened, obviously it's a tragedy, but I don't see any bearing on anti-gun versus pro-gun,” Bonhoff said. “Stuff happens all the time, and it's a shame.” About 6,000 people were expected at the show, held in Tucson five times a year.

Link: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2011/01/16/20110116gabrielle-giffords-gunshow.html

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