Critic Of Police, Gang Injunctions To Advise Oakland Mayor


An Oakland civil rights attorney who is one of the city's most active and vocal police critics will be joining the administration of Mayor Jean Quan as an unpaid adviser, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Dan Siegel, who has fought against the city's gang injunctions, said he expects he will advise Quan on a variety of issues, including the budget and proposed marijuana farms. He also will be “advising Jean on policing issues and giving the police chief advice,” said Siegel, a friend of Quan since 1968, when they were both at the University of California Berkeley.

Siegel has been particularly critical of gang injunctions – which, among other things, limit the ability of identified gang members to associate withone another in public areas. Oakland's gang injunctions “will create another excuse for the racial profiling of people of color, particularly young Latinos, and will justify the belief in many neighborhoods that the police are simply an occupying army whose sole concern is the suppression of communities already under siege by an economic and political system that thrives on their exclusion,” Siegel co-wrote on a community web site, Sgt. Dom Arotzarena, president of the Oakland Police Officers Association, questioned the inclusion of Siegel in Quan's administration. “I just find it very interesting that they would hire somebody who is suing the city,” Arotzarena said.


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