How Michigan Group Promotes Open Gun Carrying


Scott Webb of Rosedale, Mi., strapped a handgun to his waist before he went to the grocery store on yesterday, a routine he’s followed for 14 years. The Detroit News says that Webb, president of the Michigan chapter of Open Carry Inc., is trying to educate residents and even law enforcement on the right to carry an unconcealed weapon in public. The state has always allowed most people to carry a firearm; awareness is growing as the group challenges municipalities that try to limit people from walking around with a gun.

Local laws on the subject can be confusing and changes would need to come from the state. A person can carry a handgun, if it’s exposed in full view and holstered, everywhere except a bank, house of worship, court, theater, sports arena, day care center, hospital or a bar. Those places also are off-limits to a person with a concealed pistol license who has their weapon hidden. A person with a concealed pistol license is exempt from the restrictions and can carry a gun into those places, if the weapon is not concealed. “Open carry is the right that is enumerated in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” said Brian Jeffs, who wrote a children’s book titled “My Parents Open Carry.”

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