New Indy Prosecutor Joins List Taking A Community Focus


Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry he hopes to rebuild the reputation of the prosecutor’s office by forging stronger ties between his office and the community, says the Indianapolis Star. He’s increasing focus on the community prosecution unit, prosecutors stationed at police district headquarters throughout the city to improve the office’s relationship with police and citizens. Curry, a Democrat, had based much of his campaign last year on criticism of his Republican predecessor, Carl Brizzi, who came under scrutiny for his business dealings and his connections with financier Tim Durham.

Curry’s move to focus on community prosecutors garnered praise from one national expert, who said prosecutors in several major metropolitan areas, including Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, are turning to that idea to build stronger relationships with the community and prevent crime. Steven Jansen of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys ,and a former prosecutor in Detroit, said that although extensive research hasn’t been done on such programs, anecdotal evidence shows they are effective.

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