Expletive Gets Drug-Murder Defendant Another Six Months


A six-month prison sentence for saying “fuck, y'all” at a federal cocaine sentencing was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Legal Times reports. The comment was directed at U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy. Much of the contempt case is under seal, and the court opinion did not identify the defendant.

The man's appellate lawyer, Tony Axam Jr., argued the expletive alone was not enough to justify a contempt conviction. The remark came at the conclusion of a hearing at which Kennedy sentenced the defendant to three years in prison for violating his supervised release in a cocaine distribution case. His arrest and conviction for second-degree murder–the man was sentenced last year to 26 years in prison–violated the terms of his release in the drug case. The appellate panel rejected the argument that obstruction of justice cannot occur after a court proceeding has concluded. “Misbehavior in the courtroom, at any time, carries the potential to obstruct justice,” said Judge Karen Henderson.

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