Solving Murders: Chicago Paper Shadows Homicide Detectives


Partners since 2007, Chicago police detectives Tony Noradin and Don Falk have investigated more than 30 murders. They've solved about half. It's not enough for them, or their victims' families. But it's good: Last year, fewer than a third of the city's 461 murders were closed. For four months, a Chicago Sun-Times reporter and photographer shadowed the partners and got a glimpse of what they're up against in a city where nobody sees anything and the murder rate, though declining, still outpaces New York and Los Angeles

Noradin, 48, is a tournament-level bowler who once rolled a perfect game – 300. He worked at a car dealer before joining the department at the ripe old age of 31. “I brought some maturity to the job,” he said. Falk, 42, joined the department soon after college. He's married, with four young kids. When his kids act up, he employs his interrogation skills on them, putting them in separate rooms and interviewing them until he gets the truth.

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