Corrections, Clarifications: Portugal, Domestic Terrorism


Corrections and clarifications on two recent stories carried in Crime and Justice News: In a Dec. 27 item on Portugal’s drug policy that mentioned U.S. White House drug policy chief Gil Kerlikowske, the Associated Press later issued a clarification that “th story should have made clear that Kerlikowske does not think Portugal’s approach is right for the United States.” The story described Portugal’s policy as sending drug users to counseling and treatment rather than the criminal justice system.

The Washington Post has corrected figures in a Dec. 20 summary of a story on the official U.S. response to domestic terrrorism. Because of the accidental duplication of 74 records in a database of over 4,000 counterterrorism organizations that the Post assembled, the article should have said that there are 3,984 federal, state and local organizations working on domestic counterterrorism, not 4,058. Of the total, the number created since the 2001 attacks is 934, not 935.

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