NYC Police Practice For Mumbai-Like Terror Attack


The New York Police Department ran an antiterrorism exercise this month simulating an attack on the city, says the Wall Street Journal. Terrorists unleashed a coordinated series of bombings and gun attacks, attacking police officials visiting wounded officers in a hospital. The simulation mirrored the 2008 massacre in Mumbai, when 10 gunmen attacked various locations, including two luxury hotels, a hospital, and a railway station, killing 174 people over three days.

“The Mumbai attack two years ago was a bit of a game changer,” Mitchell Silber, head of the NYPD’s intelligence analysis division, said. “It was a model that most counterterrorism practitioners hadn’t really considered. The armed gunmen roaming around the city taking hostages, that wasn’t something we had seen by any jihadist group. That was a real eye-opener.” Silber said the more New York police officials learned about the Mumbai attacks “the more similarities we saw between Mumbai city and New York City.” Both, he said, are financial centers; both are surrounded by water on three sides; both get intense media attention. The exercise was the eighth held by New York police since Mumbai.

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