Camden NJ Losing Half Its Police, Possibly 1/4 Of Prosecutors


The Camden County, NJ, Prosecutor’s Office is preparing to lay off nearly a quarter of its staff, posing a new challenge for public safety officials after the city of Camden’s move to cut half its police officers, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’s a very, very high mountain to climb, and frankly we are at as low a staff level as we can be to still get the job done,” said Jason Laughlin, office spokesman.Barring retirements, concessions from unions, or additional money from the Camden County freeholders, the 50 layoffs would include about 15 of the 62 lawyers who prosecute crimes and more than 20 of the 74 detectives who handle investigations. Until recently, officials had suggested that the Prosecutor’s Office and other county agencies would help mitigate the shortfall in police. Of the prosecutor jobs that would be eliminated, 31 percent would be the attorneys known as assistant prosecutors; 45 percent would be detectives known as investigators; and the rest would be clerical staff and specialized law enforcement personnel known as agents.

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