NYPD Protected Meterologist Accused Of False Attack Report


Heidi Jones, a weather forecaster for New York City’s WABC-TV, was given around-the-clock protection by New York police detectives before fessing up to sending cops on a wild-goose chase on a phony report that she was attacked in the city’s Central Park, the New York Daily News reports. The newspaper said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly personally apologized to the meteorologist when she said two uniformed officers refused to take a police report after the bogus assault, the paper said. Kelly’s spokesman denied the report.

Jones told police that a Hispanic man who tried to rape her while she was jogging in the park came to her apartment and threatened her. A source told the Daily News, “We were providing 24-hours protection. It’s rarely done.” Six detectives spent three weeks “taking her wherever she needed to go,” including a flea market, restaurants, movie theaters and walks with her dog. “We don’t do it on a typical victim,” the source said. “We just don’t provide that kind of assistance.” Detectives grew suspicious of Jones’ vague story when they listened to conversations she had with her sister during the rides. Jones, 37, was suspended from her job.

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