More Atlantans Use Guns To Defend Themselves Against Crime


“This guy tried to rob me and I shot him,” said Ryan Moore, 23, a Georgia Tech student, as a sheriff’s deputy found a body in a grocery store parking lot, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Moore, who faces no charges, has emerged as a hero to many. “Another 2nd amendment save,” someone wrote on a newspaper web site. Opined another, “The enemy hath no mercy on its opponent. So take no mercy on him. The victim is brave and did exactly as he should. We are now one less criminal/enemy combatant in this world thanks to him.”

At least six other similar incidents have been reported around the metro area this year, and in each case, the gun owner was not charged. “More and more people are exercising their right to defend their property,” said National Rifle Association president Carolyn Meadows. “I don’t think any civilized person is going to jump up and down because someone is killed, but if there’s a choice between the law-abiding and the criminal, I’m glad the law-abiding are the ones left standing.” Said Alice Johnson of Georgians for Gun Safety: “It’s certainly appropriate to defend yourself if your life is in danger. I really have to wonder why anyone would want to kill another human being over the money in the cash register.” She added, however: “We do not reduce gun violence by increasing the number of guns.”

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