Lamar Smith Vows To Work With Holder, Drops Subpoena Threat


Incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tx.) plans to hold oversight hearings on the U.S. Justice Department early next year, says Smith, who several months ago was threatening to issue a barrage of subpoenas to “find out what this administration has been doing that the American people don’t know,” now says that may not be necessary.

Smith, who met with Attorney General Eric Holder two weeks ago, ledges to work in a responsible way with senior Justice Department officials. “I would go very slowly before we ever got to subpoenas,” said Smith, who has said his top priority is the immigration issue. Smith said of Holder, “Obviously, there's issues that we disagree on, some issues that we agree on. I consider us to have a good working relationship, and he's looking forward to coming to testify before the Judiciary Committee.”

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