Obama Names Denise O’Donnell To Head Justice Assistance Agency


Denise O'Donnell, former New York State Deputy Secretary for Public Safety, has been nominated by President Obama to head the Jsutice Department’s Bureau of Justice Assistance. O’Donnell oversaw 11 homeland security and criminal justice agencies with a combined annual budget of $4.7 billion. O'Donnell also has served as Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, where she managed several crime reduction efforts, including the collection and analysis of crime data, criminal background investigations, juvenile justice, and the administration of state and federal criminal justice grants. During the Clinton Administration, she was U. S. Attorney for the Western District of New York.

BJA, part of the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs, gives grants to state and local criminal justice agencies and other entities across the criminal justice field, including law enforcement, courts, corrections, treatment, victim services, technology, and prevention. In the first two years of the Obama administration, BJA has been headed by acting director James Burch. This week, it held a three-day national conference featuring many of its programs.

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