Death Penalty Costs Considered In State Legislatures


With so many states facing deficits, legislation on the death penalty has started to address the cost of the policy, ABC News reports. California has a $25 billion deficit and almost 700 inmates on death row. The California Commission for the Fair Administration of Justice says maintaining the criminal justice system costs $137 million per year, but the cost would drop to $11.5 million if it weren’t for the death penalty.

The American Civil Liberties Union contends that California would be forced to spend $1 billion on the death penalty in the next five years if the state does not replace capital punishment with permanent imprisonment. In New Hampshire last week, a commission recommended to the legislature that the state not expand its death penalty, citing its higher costs as one of the reasons. The same week a bill to abolish the death penalty in Illinois cleared the state’s House Judiciary Committee.

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