Milwaukee Cops To Sue Gun Store Over Crime Injuries


Two Milwaukee police officers, wounded with a gun sold by a local gun dealer called Badger Guns, are expected to sue the store, joining two other wounded officers who earlier filed suit against the store, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch, both with life-long disabilities as a result of the 2009 shooting, allege that Badger Guns and its owners were negligent when selling the gun used to shoot them, and that the store has become a public nuisance. The two are among six Milwaukee police officers injured over 20 months with guns sold by Badger Guns or its predecessor..

Patrick Dunphy, attorney for the officers, called the sale a “classic straw-buying case,” for which gun shops are urged by federal authorities to be on guard. Straw buyers are people who buy guns for felons and others prohibited from buying them. Legal experts say lawsuits such as those being filed against Badger Guns face several hurdles, the first if which is whether they are allowable under federal law. Congress passed a law in 2005 that limited civil lawsuits against gun dealers, manufacturers and other firearms-related businesses. Dunphy is confident the law allows the kinds of lawsuits he has filed against Badger Guns on behalf of the officers.

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