WikiLeaks Under Criminal Investigation By U.S.


The Obama administration says it might take criminal action against the whistle-blowing Internet site WikiLeaks for the release of tens of thousands of sensitive U.S. diplomatic documents, McClatchy Newspapers report. The White House directed a government-wide review of guidelines for classified information handling, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered tighter safeguards for U.S. diplomatic communications.

Attorney General Eric Holder said that “an active, ongoing criminal investigation” was under way, and he indicated that foreigners associated with WikiLeaks, including its Australian founder, Julian Assange, could be targeted. “Let me be very clear. It's not saber-rattling. To the extent that we can find anybody who was involved in the breaking of American law [ ] they will be held responsible. They will be held accountable,” Holder said. “To the extent that there are gaps in our laws, we will move to close those gaps, which is not to say that anybody at this point, because of their citizenship or residence, is not a target or a subject of an investigation that is ongoing.”

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