WA Police Didn’t Change Practices After String Of Cop Killings


The killings of six Northwest Washington police officers in two months last year did not alter the way law enforcement goes about its business, reports the Tacoma News Tribune. The newspaper says that local police agencies, after examining the killings, did little to change their policies or procedures, nor did they respond with a backlash of violence of their own. Officers still gather at coffee shops to chat, catch up with reports and grab something to eat – exactly what four Lakewood, Wa., officers were doing when ambushed.

“You can't have a policy governing every time you need to be attentive,” Lakewood Assistant Police Chief Mike Zaro said. “We are always supposed to be aware of our surroundings no matter what we are doing and where we are at.” Officers still train the same way to respond to violence directed at them. People still are applying to become cops. And, despite some assertions to the contrary, use of force among local officers has not spiked in the year since the string of fatal shootings. In some cases, use of force by police has decreased over the past year.

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