Democrat Harris Seen Likely Next California Attorney General


It’s looking more likely that Democrat Kamala Harris will be California’s next attorney general, as the San Francisco prosecutor continues to hold on to her lead in the still-undecided race, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. In the days after the Nov. 2 election, the results had see-sawed between Harris and her Republican opponent, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. For the last week, Harris has maintained a comfortable lead – as of Friday she was up by about 43,000 votes. There are still an estimated 500,000 ballots left to be counted in a race where more than 8.4 million votes have already been tallied.

Political observers on both sides of the aisle say it is likely Harris will keep a solid lead and ultimately win the contest. In San Francisco, people are discussing Harris’ possible replacement. Former San Francisco Police Commissioner David Onek, a senior fellow at the University of California Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice, announced he would run for Harris’ seat months ago. Jim Hammer, a former prosecutor who serves on the San Francisco Police Commission, is also eyeing the position. Deputy District Attorney Paul Henderson has been positioning himself as a potential successor for years. Judge Katherine Feinstein’s name often comes up as a favorite of Mayor Gavin Newsom. It is not clear whether the Superior Court jurist, the daughter of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, would want to vacate the bench for a political position.

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