Commentator: Is Tough-Talking Canadian PM ‘Dumb On Crime’?


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's “tough on crime” legislative agenda is soft on facts, University of Toronto Professor Charles Pascal writes in the Toronto Sun. Pascal said that nearly a third of Harper's parliamentary docket is devoted to a fear-inducing, tough on crime bills. “All of this at a time when crime stats are going south,” Pascal writes. “And the human and fiscal costs of all of this are staggering.(). Harper's agenda has more to do with rehabilitating his “tough guy” image and zero to do with rehabilitating either offenders or his $54 billion deficit.”

He cited a new analysis by Paula Mallea, a lawyer and research associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, entitled “The Fear Factor: Stephen Harper's Tough on Crime Agenda,” which details “peekaboo politics, horrendous public policy, and runaway and wasteful costs.” Pascal writes that Harper is afraid of being soft on crime. “In my books, being dumb on crime is worse,” he says.

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