Berkeley Center Issues Study On Ex-Convict Employment


The Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice has published a study with recommendations on how to increase employment of those with criminal records. Included are six recommendations on skills development, four on job creation, and five on doing fair and accurate background checks. The study’s lead author was Sarah Lawrence, the center’s director of programs. The Berkeley Center is a research and policy institute that works to “to enhance public safety and foster a fair and accountable justice system through research, analysis, and collaboration.”

The project was funded by a Rosenberg Foundation grant to explore ways to increase employment opportunities for people with prior convictions in California. The study concludes that “tailoring an approach to best fit the needs and resources of people, programs, and communities leads to greater success.” The center said there currently are opportunities for change as a result of “increased public awareness, the attention of key stakeholders, the current economic climate, and pressure from the courts.”

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