Bare-Knuckled Competition Seen To Replace Police Crown Vic


For more than 30 years, the hulking, blunt, long-nosed Crown Victoria has been an officer's battering ram, mobile office, dinner companion, and stoic partner.Next year, the last Crown Vic will roll off the Ford assembly line to make way for a new police vehicle – the 2012 Ford Interceptor, a sleek cruiser with all-wheel drive, better gas mileage, and new gadgets, such as rearview cameras and radar sensors that detect vehicles in surrounding lanes, says the Boston Globe.

It is hard to predict what will replace the Crown Vic. Its demise will encourage police to consider choices beyond two new Ford models. Dodge is rolling out its own police car, and Chevrolet is bringing back the Caprice, a potential comeback that has many officers excited. “This is going to be wide-open bare-knuckled competition. No holds barred,'' said Ed Sanow of the magazines Law and Order and Police Fleet Manager. “I don't know how this is going to turn out. If you're a car guy .[] this is fingernail-biting exciting.''

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