Seattle Mayor Convenes Meeting On Marijuana-Law Enforcement


Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, who supports legalizing pot, is meeting today with top law-enforcement officials from Seattle and King County to talk about how police are enforcing conflicting city, state, and federal marijuana laws, reports the Seattle Times. McGinn said a recent Seattle police raid that netted just two legal medical-marijuana plants shows the dilemma police face as they navigate the inconsistent laws.

The Seattle Anti-Crime Team that burst through the door of a renter was following city policy, according to a Seattle Police Department spokesman. The officers had a search warrant. When they realized the tenant had a legitimate medical-marijuana card, they left without arresting the man. And they fixed his front door. The mayor is questioning whether there’s not a better policy to help guide police. “We’re not giving – the law doesn’t give – clear policy guidance to the police or prosecutors necessarily, or even the public, and the recent raid highlighted that issue,” he said. McGinn asked Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel to review all marijuana investigations when officers are seeking a search warrant. “We just want to give them greater scrutiny and determine whether there are other methods that we could use [] but the raid reflects the fact that we don’t necessarily give police officers the clarity they need to do their job,” McGinn said.

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