Gang Members Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of L.A. Boy, 5


Aaron Shannon Jr., 5, got a Spider-Man costume from his grandfather on Halloween. Twenty minutes later, Aaron was dead, the Los Angeles Times reports. A bullet fired from the alley behind his house hit Aaron in the head. Aaron’s uncle and grandfather were wounded. Authorities have announced the arrest of two alleged members of the Kitchen Crips gang, Deputy Police Chief Pat Gannon said the suspects crossed into a rival gang’s territory looking for someone – anyone – to shoot as payback for a shooting earlier this year.

“They were not targeting any one individual,” Gannon said. “These are violent people with no sense of how their violence affects other people, including a young, innocent boy.” Gannon said tips from the community led to the arrests – including tips from gang members, which is unusual. “Nobody – absolutely nobody – thinks this is acceptable in any possible way,” Gannon said. Aaron’s family has met his death with immense sadness, but also with another emotion that is all too common in this part of Los Angeles – a steely resignation that this is the way it’s always been and the way it’s always going to be. “It’s not going to stop,” said Aaron’s father, 25-year-old Aaron Shannon Sr., who is studying law enforcement at a trade school. “This is the way people were brought up. It’s just their way of life.”

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