U.S. Joins Case Alleging Stun Gun Abuse On Ohio Jail Inmates


Ohio’s Franklin County sheriff’s office has used stun guns in an “excessive, cruel and inhumane” fashion that deprives prisoners of their constitutional rights, the U.S. Department of Justice said in joining a lawsuit reported by the Columbus Dispatch. The U.S. entered a case filed in July by people who say they were shocked in a “callous and sadistic manner” by deputy sheriffs.

A woman, 24, allegedly was stunned four times after she objected to being forcibly strip-searched with male officers present. She had been arrested for driving without a license. Another woman who told guards she was pregnant was reportedly stunned after being unable to remove a tongue ring because her hands were slippery. Officers refused her requests for a paper towel until after using a Taser on her. The sheriff’s office argues in court documents that deputies’ stun-gun use “did not constitute excessive force.”

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