OH Inmate Gave Out Too Many Pancakes, Still Wins Release


A judge released an Ohio man from jail even after he was accused of giving out too many pancakes to inmates, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. Heriberto Rodriquez, 44, was supposed to give inmates two pancakes each but he was caught giving several twice that much. “Mr. Rodriquez, you’re just one generous soul, aren’t you?” said Judge Melba Marsh, dubbing him “Mr. Pancake” and ordering him released after serving 73 days of a 180-day sentence.

Each pancake served at the jail cost six cents, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Barnett said. That means Rodriquez cost taxpayers 12 cents each time he gave an inmate four pancakes instead of the normal serving of two. Barnett said. “He just didn’t do what he was supposed to do,” explaining why he was fired from his jail job. Rodriquez had been serving for taking $3,000 from a concession stand at a Cincinnati Reds game.

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