Mexican Thugs Kill Men Who Slaughtered Tourists In Drug War


Yet another macabre mystery of Mexico’s drug war – the slaughter of 20 tourists in Acapulco – apparently has been solved by thugs who captured the alleged killers, posted their confessions on the Internet, then murdered them and directed police to the crime scene, the Houston Chronicle reports. Police were searching for bodies yesterday in a coconut grove near the Pacific Coast resort, where they had pulled 18 others from a shallow mass grave Wednesday.

Those in the grave are believed to be 20 tourists from neighboring Michoacan state who were abducted in Acapulco five weeks ago. The men had vanished shortly after arriving in Acapulco – which in recent times has become known as much for brutality as beaches – for what family members said was an annual party weekend. Police were directed to the grave site Wednesday by an anonymous call alerting them to the bodies of two murdered men lying side by side in the brush not far from the Acapulco airport. A placard left with the bodies advised authorities that “those they killed are buried here.” A video on YouTube showed an efficiently conducted interrogation of the same two men, one of whom confessed to helping snatch and snuff 20 tourists at the behest of Edgar “La Barbie” Valdez, a Texas-born narcotics trafficker.

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